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What is My Worth?

It has a been a while since I have written but I am back and ready to spill things out of my heart that my mind has kept locked up and swept away from the world. As I awoke this morning, I asked myself this question, “Do you really know your worth?” What is your worth as a woman, student, girlfriend or God’s child? I could not answer the question. I forgot the answer. I forgot who I was.

Self-worth is defined as respect for or a favorable opinion of oneself. The word that jumps out and slaps me in the face is respect. Where has my respect for myself gone. I think I lost it when I stop caring for me and caring for others. When I dropped the “I” and starting focusing on “them” and “we.” I lost one of the most important aspects of life, me. But now the even bigger question is where can I find me? How do I rediscover this girl who has been in a whirl wind of ups and downs? Where is she?

When you know your self worth you know the true meaning of royalty. I don’t usually like to get all spiritual but I do believe in God and his word. He says that I am a beautifully and wonderfully made in his image. My body, heart, mind and soul are all a made in his image.

So follow me as I find myself, start a new life and become the woman GOD is still not done with.