It Really is the Last Day

It really has not hit me yet that I am leaving. I guess it won’t hit me until I get on the plane and actually leave. But this is really the last day.

If I had to put this summer into one word it would be growth. I have grown into a stronger writer, better communicator, and of course a better person. I am so happy I came here and experienced this wonderful program with such wonderful people.
Even with the little hiccup we had I still managed to learn from it all. And with all life lessons you grow from them and continue on.

I can say that I completed the program and still got through the tough times. Some can’t. And when I explained to Ms.Reid why I needed to stay, I told her I wanted to prove to her I could do it. To say that I did it, stuck it out to the end and impressed a few people, might I add, is the most rewarding thing I could have.

New York it’s been fun but its time to venture back to the south and hit the ground running! Atlanta I don’t think you are ready for this hair changing, communicating, idea flowing, writing machine!! It’s only the beginning!!


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