Full Circle

Drinks and conversation with Ms. Reid had to be one of the best highlights of my stint here in New York.

Tonight Ms.Reid invited us for drinks and to talk with her about our time here in New York. When we met Ms.Reid at her apartment she shocked me with her outfit. She had on a sparkled tank top with true religion jeans. I have never seen her dress like that but it put ease in my mind that this night was going to be not only a great one but a comfortable one.

We went to the first place we started off at, the Aloft Hotel. To me meeting at the Aloft again was like coming full circle to our program. When we walked in the Aloft in June we were good but now we are walking out in August even better.

Our conversation with Ms.Reid was down to earth but inspiring. We talked about living and working in New York all the way to sorority life at Clark Atlanta. I fell in love with Ms. Reid’s personality and her way of talking to us as not only a mentor but a great friend. Not to mention we finally got to get “big girl” drinks with her, no more Shirley temples.

If I had to describe this night in two words it would be genuine and compelling. I believed everything Ms.Reid said to us tonight and her advice, as always, is great to hear. I am still in shocked that this is the end. But this is just the beginning, of the rest of my life.


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