Relationship Question

In a relationship, when do you know you are finally done with everything?

When you finally get fed up with the person and their mannerisms do you cut it right there? Of course it is hard to take a break from that relationship that you were in for a year or so, but why continue to deal with all the things you go through? 

Personally, the only problem I have is letting go. It is hard to let go of such a great relationship that you were in, especially when that person holds a special part in your heart. But when the relationship is going in a crazy direction it should not be or the connection is not there anymore, why stay? When the little things start to matter or annoy me thats when I know I’m fed up and I may need to sit back and think about my relationship.

Relationships are live and learn situations. You go through them to find out about more about yourself and your partner. And if they don’t work out then it was not meant to be.


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