Email Exercise

Today we took some time out to practice writing emails. This exercise really helped.

With the different task we have throughout the day, we are always sending out emails. The emails I usually send are one big paragraph with as much information in it as I can put in. But with the writing exercise today I condensed my entire email to about six to seven sentences.

One thing Ms. Reid said was to get to the point. We were to wordy and it should be a short and tight email, with no typos. We practiced writing about six emails to six different people in six different situations. One email in particular was to Oprah. That email was particularly hard for me because it was Oprah of course and I had to convince this very busy woman to come to my school and do an interview for our newspaper. I do believe that I did an okay job with trying to convince her in my email. Just like all of the other exercises we do, this one was a very helpful one.


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