Is New York for Me?

Today we started a short film that documented our adventures in New York this summer. We went throughout New York to the places we regularly visited and recorded some clips for our film. As I walked to every place I wondered if I could see myself living in the Big Apple. 

There are so many opportunities in New York and of course I would cease every opportunity I had offered to me here but if I had to choose I personally would not live in New York. The hustle and bustle is great but I love Atlanta’s slow but exciting city life. The subways are easier and cheaper to ride but a car in Atlanta is much more reliable and faster. Can you say personal space. You don’t have much of it in New York espically on a crowed subway. 

New York can be a lonely place at times. Many people come out here by themselves for themselves and all they have at times is themselves. Even with all the people in New York, sometimes I felt and saw the loneliness of the city. Some people I talked to say they came up to New York on a hope and a dream and had to learn the mentality of every man for themselves. Yes for this business you must have that and I have learned that personally. If you can’t depend on anyone you can depend on yourself to get it done, but to me it’s a very lonely lifestyle to live especially in the city of lights.

I enjoyed my time here in New York for the summer and I would not change it for the world but sometimes you have to experience something to know if something is for you. Maybe my mind will change about New York in years to come but for now Georgia is on my mind always.


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