It Can’t Be Real

I can not stand reality tv. What is “real” about it? It is getting worse and worse as the years progress. What is it about reality tv? Tonight I had to find out for myself.

My curiosity about the show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta kicked in tonight when my twitter timeline was filled with tweets about the show’s cast members and catch phrases. So I decided to go downstairs with Aja and watch it. It just so happened to be the reunion show. And of course all of my thoughts about reality tv proved me right. The fighting, cursing and just plain ignorance was so disappointing to my spirit. People are entertained by these African American women and men degrading each other and watching as our race is laughed at by the complete foolery these characters portray on the show.

Mona Scott Young, a Black woman, is the creator of the Love and Hip Hop series on Vh1 and I just can’t seem to understand her logic for creating these shows. Yes it making your career just a little bit better but do you have to put your own kind down to bring yourself and your career up? There are so many other ways to evolve in your career. I don’t think reality tv is the way.

Maybe one day I could understand the logic behind this reality tv craze but for now I will stick with what is really important and informing, the news.


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