What’s the “T” Allison?

Today we met with Allison Samuels an alum of Clark Atlanta University and a writer for The Daily Beast in the L.A bureau. And we also went to the New York bureau of The Daily Beast and met the fabulous Tina Brown. Can you say an amazing day!

Allison Samuels was with us majority of the day and she was such a genuine person. Every question we asked her she answered truthfully and real. Ms. Allison did not hold back on her opinion when it came to subjects like Jay-Z and Trayvon Martin, “Why are people just now finding out about Jay-Z? He has been out, I’m tired of him.” I agree with her 100 percent, “people” are obsessed with him. But she still does the stories because it’s what the readers want to read and the interviews are everything. Ms. Allison has interviewed scores of African Americans like President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Denzel Washington, Snoop Dog, Whitney Houston, Angela Basset, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and Michael Jordan just to name a few.

Ms. Allison had the “T” on so many celebrities it was so hard to keep up with the stories and names. I heard stories about Michael Jackson and how Diane Sawyer was locked in one of his closets during their interview and another on how Denzel Washington and MJ ate fried chicken together at Denzel’s house. Her stories were so wonderful, I think for a second she made me consider going in to the entertainment area but thats how great of a storyteller she is. Ms. Allison told the stories and made me feel like I was in that closet with Diane or eating that chicken with MJ. The art of storytelling comes in every aspect not just in entertainment but news, fashion and sports. Being able to tell the story through my writings is one thing I want to do more of. But now with the speed of the business, we take out the beauty of telling the story vividly because we don’t have the time to write it. Everybody needs the story now and no later but I commend Allison for being able to still be a storyteller even with the change of the times. Ms. Allison still definitely gave us the scoop on it all, if only I could have her cellphone for the day! Who knows what stories I could tell.




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