Got the Skills

I did it! My AR Bernard radio segment was a success! With success comes some bumps and boy did I have a major one. But I had the silks in place to overcome the bump.

We arrive to AR Bernard’s church and walked in the dining room and it looked just like a little studio. I could not tell you how nervous I was! But there was no turning now. Ms.Reid said I knew my research and I was ready. I was confident but it’s something about getting in front of the mic and really doing it, the nerves are real.
As we started I was giving the time 4:30 for my guest to be ready to talk. He was ready and said it was a perfect time. But before I knew it the first interview went longer than expected and past 4:30. So I called my guest and told him it might be a little later before we start. He then tells me he is on a time constraint and he has to leave by 5:15. My mouth dropped because not only was it about 4:40 but there was still another interview to be done before mine. I panicked! What if I loose my guest, why didn’t my guest tell me this, I might not have a guest. All of this hard work for nothing! So I told Ms. Reid and she said its time to put your persuasive face on. I texted and told him this was a great opportunity and AR Bernard is looking forward to this interview. And also told him that this a platform for him to tell his opinion and let others hear what he has to say about this subject. My guest told me he could wait 10 more minutes. I said perfect we will have you on shortly. Well 10 minutes turned in to 25 minutes and I text my guest to see if he was still waiting. He says he was and that he realized this was a great opportunity and he would wait as long as he needed too. I almost cried! My effort to keep him worked. We later had the interview and it went GREAT. I was so relieved that I gave everyone a high five even AR Bernard!
In this program I learned that skill of persuasion. Not only did I already know how to keep the guest I knew what exactly to say to him so he would stay. This program is teaching all of us the skills we need in this business. And Ms.Reid has prepared us for situations like mine. Thanks to this program I got the skills to succeed!

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