The New Generation

I finally got to experience 106 and Park today. I grew up on this show, dreaming about being in the audience and watching my favorite performer and seeing the original host Free and AJ. But boy has it changed. 

The show itself is not for my age group. The age group is between 12-18. You would think they were targeting my age after seeing the videos they played. Groups like the OMG Girls are over sexed and looked like grown women up on stage with host Bow Wow. I was shocked! As all the other children danced and sung along to the OMG Girls music, I could not believe my ears or eyes. Where is music going, for that matter are there positive music examples anymore? 

I know growing up at the age of 13, we had artist like B2K and 3LW who were teeny bop but still appropriate for children. Now, its going down hill. All these children see is sex, its promoted by these girls groups like the OMG Girls.

Today at 106 I finally realized its another generation right behind me who is learning and seeing things differently. I also realized I am old, but I still had fun regardless of the everything else. Will I ever go back to 106, no but I’m happy I got to do it and see what is really happing with this younger generation. 


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  1. Hi Hun:) You are just adorable. The swagger is just…..ON POINT:) Thanks for the follow and of course I did the same. Keep up the good work because this generation needs to hear from you. They need to see that you can be cool, sexy, and clean all at the same time.

    It was definitely my pleasure to meet you:) TTYS:)

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