Black Students Less Likely to “Hook-Up” in College

Are Black college students less likely to “hook-up” in college? New research says African American college students don’t hook-up with no more than ten people in college. I think it’s true.

According to theGrio. com, Black students are less likely to participate in hooking up during their four years in college than white students. Hooking-up can range from kissing to having sexual relations with another student. Wealthy, upper-middle class white students are found to participate in hooking up because they are more career and self-orentiated. Black students do not want to affirm the racial stereotype and do not have as many fraternities houses, which play a big reason in the hooking-up process, according to Slate.

Speaking for myself as a Black college student, I do agree that we do not “hook-up” as much as other students. Yes, it may be because we don’t have as many frat houses or we don’t want anyone stereotyping us but it’s more than that. I feel we have more respect for ourselves and our bodies and take pride in not being “that girl” or “boy” on campus.

Personally, when it comes to dating and relationships you have to show that you respect me and all that comes along with my life. My opinions, morals and of course body is some of the things that you have to respect or it’s a pass for me.

Another reason why I don’t think we “hook-up” because most black students concentrate more on getting an education and graduating. I’m not saying white students don’t focus on that either but there is more weight on our shoulders to make sure we finish school because family members before us were not able to attend college and get higher education. Some of us are the first in our families to go to college and graduate. We don’t want to let our parents and grandparents down because we were more focused on “hooking-up” with all the boys on campus than completing college.

Can there be more research done in this study, YES. But I do like that Black college students are finally not placed in a negative light with this study.


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