Communication is What?

The first step to fixing a problem is admitting to the problem. I admitted to issue today and I will fix it.

Communication is key in this field, I mean it wouldn’t be called mass “communications” for nothing right? With communication comes confirmation. You’ll never know how someone truly feels until they tell you. I learned that first hand today.

Through my actions, I made it seem like I did not want to be a part of this wonderful experience here in the Big Apple. But I knew I wanted to be here and continue to learn and meet remarkable people in the industry. My mistake? I did not express it correctly. I now know that the only way to get fed is to open your mouth and receive the food. Open your mouth and say how you feel, don’t let how you act or what you write potentially change someone’s entire prospective of you.   

I came here hungry and ready to complete any task at hand and now I am going to leave the same way but even hungrier. I am communicating this now. I want it and I will have it by any means necessary. I will not sit back and let it all ride. I will speak and stand out. There is no time to be scared to speak now, I have made my choice to be in this field so, its time to go for it.  


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