From Africa to New York

My parents taught my sister and I to always go for our dreams no matter how far they took us. Well, here I am in New York City with the Reid group and my sister, Ambria, just came back from a study abroad program in Africa. Far from my parents in little Oklahoma, but my sister and I were closer than we really thought. 

While my sister was in Africa, she attended a school called Kenyatta University. There, she took one course and meet new friends from the school. One friend in particularly she told me about was Geoffrey. She said that he was a very humble an intelligent guy, who helped them with whatever they needed while they stayed on the university’s campus. Who would have thought that this same guy would be in New York for a week and he would be living just a couple of blocks away from me.  

My sister tells me that Geoffery was coming to New York and she thought I should meet up with him. At first I was like “who is this boy and I know she said he was friendly but, no.” But it was my little sister and if she said he was a good guy I guess I should try and give him a chance. Geoffery and I chatted over Facebook for about a week and he was so excited about coming that every message he sent seemed to jump off the page with excitement. 

Today I finally met up with Geoffery and it was a awesome time. He answered every question and even brought gifts from his home for me. My sister was texting and calling me making sure I was there, but I was so in to our conversation I didn’t even reply. 

Who would have thought that my sister’s friend in Africa would now become one of my friends and we would have a close bond now?  Geoffery, my sister and I connected in different parts of the world but now have one connection of friendship. 

Geoffery and I 



My sister (black jacket, low hair cut) and Geoffery at Kenyatta University



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