Lights, Camera, Teleprompter!



“Your on Shatondra, breath, slow down, breath, Jesus, Jesus, oh Jesus,” is all I could say in my head as I read my script on the teleprompter this morning at WNBC. There was no stopping now. I had to deliver the best I could.And to my surprise I did very well better than I thought.

I do not particularly want to be in front of the camera but after today I might just give it a little bit more practice. This is the fun part of the business. You can dip and dam in just about everything.

Ms. Reid helped me calm down, as she stood by the camera making gestures to breath, slow down and smile. This is what this internship is all about getting the experience and learning from the best. Pat Battle from WNBC was also in the studio with us giving a few pointers on how to transition from story to story. She added personality to each of the stories. When you add your own personality to the script you make it more into a conversation that everyone wants to watch and listen to. Ms. Battle and Ms. Reid were great examples of that. 

I’m anxious to see the final cut of our two minute live shot. This exercise this morning has to be on the top of my list for best moments in the Reid Group program. I loved it.




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