2×3 in. Cards



Who knew a one little two by three inch paper card could hold the key to opening the next door in your journey.  

Today, I finally meet up with my writing coach Demetria Irwin at the famous Harlem restaurant The Red Rooster. We have been emailing for weeks now and its great to finally put a name with the face.

Demetria and I spoke about my writing and ways to improve the quality of my work. One tip she told me that she follows till this day is to keep writing, don’t stop. “You just get better with time,” Demetria says. She tries to write a least three pages a day, because it strengthens her creativity. I thought about it, but I think I might just stick with my blog for now and grow from there. 

As we were chatting, Demetria noticed Marcus Samuelsson came out the kitchen and walked through the dining area. Marcus Samuelsson is a renowned chef and the owner of The Red Rooster. I just so happen to turn and look and we caught eye contact and he headed to our table.

I introduced my self and told him why I was in New York and then Demetria told him she was my writing coach. Marcus says “Really, I’m looking for a marketing person to help me market this restaurant.” I was like wow if only I was marketing I would jump all over that opportunity. He continues to explain what he needed and I looked over at Demetria and she was searching through her purse for something. She pulled out her business card and said “Well let me just give you my business card, I may not be what your looking for now but we can still keep in contact for future business.” Marcus Samuelsson took it and told her I will connect with you soon Ms. Irwin. Who knew it would be so soon, five minutes later, Marcus’s personal assistant came back to our table and gave Demetria her business card and told her to email her because Marcus wanted to talk to her about some future plans. 

We looked at each other with amazement. She says “I picked a great spot huh?” I could not agree with her more. Just one little business card opened up an opportunity. The power of networking is great especially in this business. So the lesson for today….. GET BUSINESS CARDS ASAP!





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