Let’s Get It Together

I chose to attend Clark Atlanta University because it had one of the top mass media arts programs and it didn’t hurt that it is in the thriving African American community of Atlanta. As a freshman I walked in ready to work and start out on my journey to my career. I was at every meeting, a part of every shoot, joined the school’s television station. But as the years progressed the mass media department, in my eyes, digressed.

When Ms. Reid talked about her days at CAU she said students did not leave the building until the work was done. But those students were willing and passionate about working at the newspaper or producing a new show idea they had. To hear Ms. Reid say that she was shocked and disappointed to hear where the state of the mass media arts program is now it really hurt my heart. There are only a few students that I can count on my hand, that are willing and dedicated to use all the resources that CAU has to offer.

Complaining of course is not going to get me anywhere, so I do plan on making a difference at CAU. Even though it is my last year, it doesn’t mean I can’t start from the beginning and learn more then I knew before. I have so many ideas for the MMA program. I am proposing them to the department chair Dr. Harris now. I want to see more involvement. I want students to have that passion again like Ms. Reid and her classmates had. The only way to get it back is to lead by example and let others follow suit. Will there be a change in the MMA department? Who knows but it all starts with us, the students.


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