The Wait is Over.

And the verdict is in. George Zimmerman found not guilty. 

Am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed? Yes. What more can I say then I knew it. I watched the case from start to finish and saw every notion, to every objection, to every “joke,” and knew this case was sealed. The defenses approach to this case was brilliant. Even with the knock knock joke, there was a method to the madness. When the verdict came in, social networks went off with people stating their opinions and expressing their emotions on the sites. But how am I, as a journalist, suppose to approach this situation with out stating my feelings or opinion? 

Today at the NYABJ workshop we attended, one question that was asked for to the social media guest was, “How do you stay objective on your social media sites.” The answer was, you don’t say it at all, unless your social network is used for personal use only. Keep all your feelings and thoughts out of professional network.

When I received a notification on my phone that Zimmerman was found not guilty. I wanted to go to my twitter and let everyone get a piece of my mind, but I sat back and thought about my reputation. As a journalist, a hard news journalist at that, I should only state that facts and inform my followers of everything going on. And tonight I was one of the first, on my twitter timeline, to say the verdict. My followers retweeted me and replied to me. It may sound weird, especially in this case, I was happy to report the news and let others know. 

Even though I am hurt inside for the Martin family and the verdict, at the end of the day I can’t let my “personal” feelings affect the “professional” me. 


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