I wish

Losing someone you love is never a easy thing to deal with. Especially when you do not get to say goodbye.

It has been one month since the loss of my best friend, first boyfriend and my high school sweetheart Deonte Denton. He died in a motorcycle crash in early June. I was in total shock and taking aback to his sudden death. I did not know how to feel or what to say. All I could do was cry and pray. Now I am becoming stronger and working through all of the pain but I still wish I could have said goodbye.

We he passed I did not know a lot of things about his life that I feel he did not feel comfortable enough to tell me about. It is not like we stop all communication we still talked and were very respectful towards each other but he had a new girlfriend, so I had to respect that. But I wish he would have told me he was married to her and that she was having his child. But I do understand why  you were not ready to tell me and you felt that you would hurt me. I wish I could just let you know that I would have been happy and proud that you were starting a new life and becoming the great man I knew you were going to become. I wish I could tell you don’t ever think that just because we did not last, it did not mean our friendship did not last. I wish, I wish, I wish.

Even through his life ended so short, I know that his life will live on through his wife and their child. My one last wish to Deonte is, if I could tell you thank you, I love you and goodbye, it would put just a little bit of ease in my heart. You will never be forgotten, rest peacefully in heaven.



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