Character List

Since being in New York and riding the subway I’ve realized, I miss my car! When I get in my car I feel like I have escaped everything, school, work and even parents. I can have my alone time in my car but the subway is a whole new world to me. And everybody was right there is no such thing as personal space in New York. I do believe though that even though I am smashed up in between people for ten minutes I meet a new “character” everyday.

 Today I met twin brothers, Jason and Blue Magic, I’m sure that is not his legal name, but hey what ever floats your boat. So first, Blue Magic speaks to me and of course I speak back. He tells me that he can tell that I am not from around here. I asked him how could he tell. He says, “You spoke back to me.” Well of course I am going to speak I am not rude to anyone. Blue went on to tell me that New York is not where I should be and I need to go back to where I’m from. I didn’t know whither to be offended or take it as a complement but I said thank you and turned around.  And as soon as I turned around, there was the other twin, Jason, right in my face.

 Jason was a little bit more talkative. I really do believe that he asked me five questions in one breath. I told him maybe you should look into becoming a journalist, I think you would catch on quite well. He then proceeds to say, “When I am on the subway I like to talk to people and get to know them. It is so many people on here why not ask questions.” Jason was, in my opinion, the friendliest person I have met on the subway thus far, but what characters he and his brother are. When the conversations ended they both said at the same time, “Can I get your number?” It was cute, but no way that was happening and my stop came right on time.

 Even though it was only about a ten minute conversation between the both of them, I enjoyed talking to them both. But I have now added them to my crazy character list of New York. 


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