Out of the Shadows

We had a Saturday morning meeting with Ms. Reid today and it was great. Ms. Reid really takes the time to break everything down for us. We ask questions and make sure that each assigned tasks is done correctly.

 One thing I loved about the meetings is the one on ones with Ms. Reid. We each sit down personally with her and have our time to discuss our individual work. We also get to express anything that is on our mind with her, and I had something on my mind that I have been dealing with personally.

 I told Ms. Reid sometimes I feel I am overlooked or forgotten about it. I said I feel like I blend in and do not stand out in a crowd. Ms. Reid first words were “Really?” I said I feel like I’m far in the background, kind of lurking in the shadows.

Ms. Reid then says to me, your work stands out and it always has. Even back in the first semester class she taught me in she said she knew she wanted me in the program because she remembered me in class asking questions, my writing and turning in all my assignments. If anyone could have seen my face, my smile was from ear to ear. To hear Ms. Jacque Reid say your work stands alone, and she wanted me in this amazing program made me feel like a million bucks.

 The last piece of advice Ms. Reid gave me in our one on one was to step up and take my work to another level and even step out of my comfort zone and take the time to stand out a little. She told me to send an email to some of our guest speakers and thank them personally and just by that there is a memory noted in their heads about me. It’s not about being the loudest or most seen person in the room its about can you get the work done and make sure it stands alone.

 Just after that little 15 minute conversation with Ms. Reid, I realized that I need to of course step it up, but continue on in my work and do my absolute best with everything. People are watching and taking note wither you know it or not. 


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