My Day with Debbye

Arise Tv is where our internship on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays take place. It gives the Reid group so much experience because it is just starting and we get to be more hands on with everything and everyone. I have been shadowing and learning from so many people but I must say Debbye Turner Bell takes the cake.

I told Ms. Debbye or DTB, as I call her, that I wanted to shadow her for the day and ask her a few questions. She tells me “bring your running shoes” and smiles and gives me a hug. I was slightly confused and a little anxious.

Wednesday morning comes along and I meet DTB upstairs in the studio. She was in the middle of recording for the morning show Arise America so I watched and took note on her and how she asked questions to her guest. I later found out she makes each and every one of her questions up for each guest segment she has. After the show she took me to her office and the first thing she says is “ask me questions now ask ask ask.” Well it wasn’t like I didn’t have any questions but it was so fast paste I forgot some of my questions. So I ask my fall back question, “what made you get in to tv?” DTB says “that’s all you got?” I was so embarrassed! I told her I have my questions in my notebook can I go get it. She says “You should never be without something to write with or on because writing is the most essential key to getting into this business.” And just like that our conversation started.

Throughout the day I stayed with Ms.Debbye and she taught a valuable lesson that I will never forget. Do not not compromise for anyone and anybody, because in this business it’s easy to change who and what you are just by someone telling you who you should be. And she says this goes for your faith also. Stay strong in your faith and don’t compromise what you believe in for no one. I was so touched by those words that we just sat down and prayed just because it was what was needed at the time. DTB set me straight and now I know that I can only be me no one else! Don’t change for no one because you got into the business being you not some one else. Debbye Turner Bell has inspired me and I am so happy that I spent my day with her.


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