Recording Makes Perfect

Have you ever sat down recored yourself and listened? Well besides you Youtube fanatics, I’m sure many of us have not, including myself. I really need to record myself and just listen.
Today Ms. Reid had a mock radio interview task for us. We had to take one side for the recent revised Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA and tell why we were Gay and it’s okay or Gay and it’s not ok. Ms. Reid warned us before she left us earlier to research information about DOMA. Of course I researched, read and asked questions so I felt a little confident for the interview. But when Ms.Reid returned, not only did she have questions ready for the interview but she had an entire script. There was no turning back, it was time to debate.
So I walked up to my sit and was ready. I researched and I had everything down in my head but when I was given my first question I was blank! I did not know what to say and I forgot the lady’s name I was talking about! I stopped and said sorry 20 times and then still was blank. At the end of the interview all I could do was hold my head down and laugh. I thought I was ready for this but it wasn’t that I wasn’t ready I just did not practice my craft.
In this industry, you should be able to speak with confidence. Demand your audience to listen to you and what you have to say. Even if you are talking about Boo Boo the clown and his dog, I should have the audience intrigued and wanting to know more. Recording, listening and critiquing myself will be the only way I learn to get better not just with speaking but have more confidence with myself.


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