On Repeat…

Alicia Keys’s latest song featuring Maxwell called “The Fire We Make” is on repeat on my iTunes track list. Being that Alicia Keys is from New York and I am in New York, I feel its only right I talk about her song.

First, Alicia and Maxwell on a track together is amazing by itself. These two have made brilliant music separate but when you put both of them together its bound to be magical. Just from the title alone “The Fire We Make,” tells of a love that burns deep within two people and the passion and desire for love.

“Like a moth to a flame, I can’t stay away,” metaphorically expressing just like a moth is to a light, she can’t away from his love. Each stanza of the song uses metaphors of how the love of two people can burn so deep within it that it is unbearable to stay away from each other.

Personally, I listen to this song and want to believe I can find this fire love. Its a girl’s dream to find Mr. Right but I want to find someone who can ignite the fire within my heart and keep the flame going forever. I know I am young but I always stay faithful that I could have that person whose desires matches mine, internally and externally.

“The Fire We Make,” is a song that can be explained in one word for me, hope. There is hope for women in this business to find the love they have always wanted. Granted it may take longer than others, your soulmate is out there and is waiting for you to ignite the fire inside of his life.


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