Fruitvale Station

Good Black fathers in America are scarce especially when the Black fathers like Oscar Grant are gunned down. When will the violence stop and will it stories like Fruitvale Station help to bring awareness to situations like Oscar’s.

Fruitvale Station touched my heart as I watched the story unfold about a young Black man who was fresh out of jail and trying to make a way for his family. Michael B. Jordan played Oscar and portrayed him as a great father, boyfriend, son and overall good person. I had never heard about the Fruitvale Station incident and I feel this movie is a must see.

Oscar was shot by a police officer on the local subway station. The incident was caught on camera by many bystanders but the it seemed with all the evidence in the case the police is now free from his two year sentence.

In America we have to many stories like Oscar’s that are not told to the world. Just like now the Trayvon Martin case that is still going on today, we need to take notice of senseless crime to our Black men. Inform yourself and go watch this movie, because we are all Oscar Grant.


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