Finding My Beauty in School

As a little girl I struggled with self-image. I picked out every so called “flaw” on my body. My arms are too long, my eyes are too big, I was too skinny and did not develop as fast as the other girls in my class, I basically thought I was just not that pretty.

How long did it take me to finally realize that I was beautiful the way God made me? When I got to college. Why so long? It was not until I stepped into an environment filled with other young empowering Black women did I realize to embrace and love myself.

Clark Atlanta University is a HBCU private school, so there are only about 4,000 students. The ratio of women to men is 27 to 1. Not to say women dominate the campus, but we do. And of course there are other institutions like Spelman across the grass, that only have all women and they celebrate their fantastic brand of successful and beautiful black women but so does Clark Atlanta University.

I arrived to CAU so excited and ready to start my college career. I looked at the women and saw how they held themselves with class and set the example for young naïve students like me. They were so beautiful and not one young lady looked the same. From the SGA president, at the time, who was bigger and confident she could run the campus to the former Miss CAU who was slender and never said once to me I could not do it anything I couldn’t put my mind to.

Throughout my life I had never seen a strong beautiful Black women, well besides my mother. But there were so many of them that it inspired me to look deep inside myself and find my confidence, my strength, and my beauty.

On campus there are so many empowering seminars and events that come to CAU. Including my Black is Beautiful, special guests seminars like Susan L. Taylor, all have events on our campus and teach every black women about themselves.

Am I beautiful, YES. Do I love my body the way it is, YES. Even though I had to go to college to realize my beauty, I feel that all HBCUs do that for all Black women. We all go to school for the same reason and many of us empower each other with out even knowing.  Not only do I support my school with celebrating the self image but I support all HBCUs and want to keep them in existence because it helps us all to keep going and being powerful.


me cau


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