Knock Knock…..Zimmerman who?

The Zimmerman trial has begun and what a first day! Of course I heard about Trayvon Martin and the infamous case but I never really followed it, until now. At my internship today I had to watch the Zimmerman Trial and take notes and time everything that happened, watch all of the social media (mainly twitter), and also report to the Arise America Team if anything “juicy” happens. I was not excited about watching the case because most of the things I’ve heard were negative and I’m not a fan of high profile cases. But I went in with a great attitude and was ready to learn and watch something new. 

So the trial begun, The judge talked for a minute and explained everything then the opening statements begun. The prosecutor’s opening statement made the hair on my skinny little arms rise. Even with the profanity used in the statement, I feel that it was necessary to use because it captured the intensity of Zimmerman during the first 911 call. The defense on the other hand started with a knock knock joke. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Is this case a joke to them? I just did not understand why at that time he felt like it was not a good time to crack a joke. And then on top of that the defense opening statement was three in a half hours. It was so long that even his defendant George Zimmerman fell asleep during the statement.This case is so “juicy” that it has really caught my attention, and I want to know more and more. Even though I do not go to my internship on Tuesday I will be watching the case from my own computer, taking my own notes and listening carefully to every witness and question until the end.


Zimmerman Sleep during the trial.  


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