When is Strong too Strong?

Who would have thought that an assignment giving to me would change my outlook on life? Ms. Reid gave us an assignment early this morning, giving each of us a book to read and then to make an interview sheet about the book due at three. Of course my first thoughts were read a book in less then six hours, how in the world am I going to do that? When I received the book and read the title “The Real Lives of Strong Black Women, Transcending Myths, Reclaiming Joy” by Toby Thompkins I thought to my self like did she give me this book on purpose? I do ask myself sometimes am I too strong? Even though I am young, I do consider myself a Strong Black Woman and sometimes I struggle with the so called myth Black Woman posses. In the book, Toby explains that the myth of Strong Black Women was invented by America and it was created for them. Then goes on to explain why Black Woman are so strong and how it dates back to the history of slavery days, Black woman had to ensure production, nurturing, and they were expected to still take care and be strong for their entire family. The strength of many Black women is passed down from generation to generation, and I know for sure all the women in my family are strong and have always taught me that if no one is going to do it for you then you need to do it for yourself. Toby explains that most Black women have the “I can do it by my damn self” attitude and they are Wonder Woman to everyone. I am so guilty of this attitude, and when I read he explains that most strong women need to realize their happiness, and that its okay to be weak at times. Especially dealing with Black Men and relationships to make sure you have took care of yourself first and then let go of all your fears and commit when you are ready to. After reading, I reevaluated my attitude, my relationships with others and most importantly my life. I believe that every assignment Ms. Reid gives us is to not only to help us with getting our foot in the door, but life lessons that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. 




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