Around the World in 3 Hours

I toured the world all in one day! Of course we were still in New York still but when we arrived to China Town and Little Italy I almost felt like I was in that country. China Town is really a China. What I did not understand was, it was very heavily populated with Asians and they are considered American but every person I went up to talk to did not speak a lick of English at all! China Town is really a little China and the people there are basically living their everyday lives like they would in China. As I continued to walk down the street we entered into Little Italy. Cydney was super excited because she wants to visit Italy one day soon, but this is the closes she could get so she took it all in. What a culture change when we stepped into Little Italy! When we stopped into the restaurant, the men were of course beautiful but very dominating. The restaurant was only felled with men and not one woman. I thought back to real Italian culture and many woman do not not work they stay home and tend to the house but it is kind of funny because the men are working at a restaurant, cooking, cleaning an tending to guest. So what is the difference? Overall my experience, was great and I loved every bit of it. 



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