Relationship Question?



There has been many common factors with the women we have met in this    business. They are all beautiful, business savvy and inspiring but with all those great qualities many of them are still single. But what about the men? Are they finding the perfectmate or are they single like the women in the business? We met with George Alexander yesterday and he talked to us mainly about writing and it being the basic skill you need for any job. But he said something about his personal life that struck me. He said he was still single and didn’t have any kids. That was the first time I heard a story about a man and his relationship status. Maybe it’s just not women in the business single because of the work they do it could be men too. I am now going to start paying more attention to the men I work with and meet and take note of their relationship status. I find it very interesting and want to go deeper into this topic. I’m starting my research now so by the end of this internship I can answer a few of my burning questions.






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