An African Queen For A Day

Is chivalry still alive today? Is the respect for women disappearing? Many would argue that American men do not show the respect or honor women deserve. Or for that matter, women don’t let them men show the respect they deserve. When does the women realize that she is a queen and she be treated as such? I walked through Central Park I noticed the African Pedicab drivers and decided to do my story on a few. I met one of the bosses of the pedicab group his name was Joesph. Joesph asked me to get in his Pedicab, I said no I’m sorry I don’t have the money he said it free and you as a beautiful women should not be on your feet so much. I was a little confused and then thought well maybe I shouldn’t I just met him but then all of a sudden he grabbed my hand helped my up on to the pedicab and then bowed to me. I was a little creeped out with the bowing thing but I sat down and took the free ride. I almost forgot to tell Brianna that I was leaving and I asked if I could just stay around the same area I so I wont lose her. So we just rode around the entranced of the park and I begin to ask him questions for my story and he answered them all. Every time we rode past one of his pedicab drivers he introduced me to them, each man came up to me and either kissed my hand or bowed to me. I was shocked at how much respect and honor these men gave me and I just met them a few seconds ago. I asked Joesph they are so polite, and he said they all should be you are a women, in Africa women our held up as high royalty. The women cook, clean, bear children and keep the house going while I as a man go away. Women do so much that they deserve the respect. Throughout the ride He bough me water and snacks and I even met up with Aja and he showed her respect and talked with each of us for a minute. These men mad me realize I should know my worth as a woman and  with future relationships I should set the standard for them. I should be treated like a queen everyday and know my worth as a woman. Throughout the day I felt like an African Queen riding throughout the park and when I got off I still will hold that mindset for the rest of my life.



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