Rain Don’t Stop The Parade

What a day a wet and rainy day, thats all I could say to Ms. Reid after we finished our day. But even throughout the rain Ms. Reid told us the show must go on. We met with three amazing journalists, anchors, and the vice president and news director of WABC-TV. When we met with Ms. Reid that morning she came in high rainboots and a jacket and we all looked at each other like we are screwed. So we went out and met with our first guest Chris Witherspoon, he is a journalist for thegrio.com and he never had a dull moment. I learned a lot from his past and how he had to “hustle to get to the top”. I love that even with his professional manner he was still real and did not hold back. As we left Chris it was lunch time, and we deceided at first we were going to leave the building and go get lunch but the rain was pouring like cats and dogs. Any way we could avoid going outside we did. So we stayed in the building and ate lunch, but later Ms. Reid came and said ok off to your next destination ABC studios. The party don’t stop because of rain you got to keep going. So we met up with Morgan Kelly Ranford and Camille Edwards they were both inspiring and told great stories about the business. The next stop was Fordham University where we met up with Monique Fortune. That trip was the longest and most confusing because we had to take a train then find the bus and all of this in the cold and rain. But we continue on and learned about the African Americans who paved the way for us to be great in journalism. Even throughout the rain we still had business to take care of. Rain or shine the show went on!  




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