First Day on the Job!

Today the Reid group started our internship at Arise Tv. Arise Tv literally started a few months ago and is just getting their feet off the ground. With everything just starting, we do everything! This gives each of us the opportunity to dibble and dabble in every part of the newsroom. I was in the editing room, then I worked my way into the control room, then I went down the the newsroom and last I had to watch all the coverage for the Trayvon Martin case. It was and experience in itself but as I walked around and met with other staff, i met Derrick Guest. He asked me all the typical questions but there was one question he asked that stooped me. “What separates you from all the other interns in New York, why are you different and why do you deserve a job?” Of course I answered the question best I could but it was not what he wanted to hear. He said you must make that connection with everyone you meet, they should bee able to remember everything you do. I felt a little crazy because of course I have been hearing network, network, network since I got to New York but its more of the connection you make with that person, always make an effort to be rememberable. Throughout my time in New York I want to memorable, I want everyone to remember my hard work and dedication i have for everything I do. I want it all but its all in my hands, I chose what happens in my life.




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