Be is a one word syllable, with two letters but the start of everything for me in New York. I must be aware, be RTG, be hungry and be me. My first day here in New York I learned that being about it is the only way you can show you are really about it. Be aware or observant to everything. In every place we visited today we were told to be observant and watch not only for your phones and personal items with robbers but within your internship too. I learned that your internship is watching so be aware of everything you do, because with that comes being RTG, ready to go at all times when your internship or Ms. Reid calls for you to go. Be ready to leave to go get the story and have it ready when it is time to have it. Be hungry! Ms.Reid gave a perfect example from her life and how she did not stop to find her job. She was hungry for it and in the Reid group I believe each of us is hungry for this. And last but not least, I must always be me. I believe I was picked to be apart of this opportunity because I was me and Ms. Reid saw the drive in me to not only be successful but a hard worker who genuinely wants this. The first day in New York was a great one and I am ready to be everything that Ms. Reid, our internships and all the other great guest will teach us.



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