Voice Your Debate

Shatondra Caldwell

Voice Your Debate

MMA 487

By Shatondra Caldwell

  With a lack of the student’s voices being heard, political science major, Terrance Mack, feels a debate team for the school is more than necessary for students to state their opinions on issues going on today.

Terrance Mack, a sophomore at Clark Atlanta University, serves as the current president of the debate team and feels every school should have one. “Every prestigious and intellectual institution should have a debate team because it gives students an outlet to learn more about the society they live in,” stated Terrance. But with all the organizations on campus what makes this one stand out from all the rest?

Mac believes that the debate team is making their voices heard throughout the campus with debating on issues students never get to freely express their opinions on. “Now that the upcoming 2012 elections our approaching, the students need to not only know who their voting for but why,” Terrance states. The team focuses on hard issues that affect students socially and politically.

Organizations are made usually to appeal to a student’s interest or needs. The debate team, Mack believes, is needed because there are so many well spoken and intelligent students on campus that know about current and world affairs and who can speak their minds on the knowledge they hold. These students are now able to speak it with confidence and voice their opinion on any matter.

Debates are arguments with rules. With debate teams, you are faced with problems concerning anything, so students our encouraged to read up on current events. The CAU debate team does not practice but rather inform their selves on events happening around the world today. Before their meets, the team is given the topic and told to argue in favor or oppose the topic.  Terrance stated  “All students on the team must be well rounded in all things, even entertainment news that may not have nothing to do with politics but interest the students.”

With well rounded being one of the qualities for a debate team member, Terrance makes it known that anyone can join but you must be willing to go over and beyond for your school. The debate team does not only go against other HBCU’s but other institutions that are predominantly white. In the next coming months the CAU debate is scheduled to debate schools like University of West Georgia and Georgia Tech. “Clark Atlanta is going up against some the best schools and the odds are against us at times but we say we are the voice for the school and we must work hard for the win.” stated Terrance.

The debate team is a great attribute to the campus of Clark Atlanta University and will be one of the many voices for the students to voice their opinion.



Terrance Mack


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