Profile: Kala Riggins

Shatondra Caldwell


MMA 487

By Shatondra Caldwell

Storms, trials and tribulations all contribute to someone’s life but that someone can always fight through any obstacle thrown their way and be a prime example of success.

Kala Riggins, a graduating Mass Media Arts senior at Clark Atlanta University, strives to succeed against all odds and be a voice of truth throughout her community and the world. She never backs down but pushes forward through her journey of life. A native of New Orleans, Kala describes her hometown as a safe haven and a magnificent cultural experience. “I love everything about New Orleans: the culture, the food and the fact that I could get off the school bus and make it inside ok because someone is always looking out for you,” stated Riggins.

But in life there is always a trial, that has to be faced, that trial was Hurricane Katrina. While entering in her freshman year of high school Hurricane Katrina hit and changed her life. Uprooted from everything she knew as normality and forced into a new environment, Kala depicts Katrina as one of the most devastating times in her life. New Orleans was in a state of emergency and the world knew it with all the media coverage shown daily.

Riggins expresses her feelings towards the media during Katrina as inaccurate, unfair and a sense of betrayal towards her city and people. “The only people who knew the truth were the people there, and I wanted to be that voice of truth. This is how I developed my thrive for the media and now pursuing my goals in this field,” Kala says. Clark Atlanta University was her next stop and has now shown her to always find a way or make one throughout any circumstance.

Kala is heavily involved in the Department of Mass Media Arts at CAU and continues to work hard as the vice president of the school’s radio station WSTU, and also a study abroad student. As graduation approaches, Kala can say that she is one of the many voices of truth on the campus and continues to set the example for students as a leader. Five years from now Kala hopes to have attended graduate school, have two degrees in broadcast journalism and become a correspondent for an entertainment news show.

Throughout it all, Kala Riggins may have faced hard ships of the storm but in the end she says, “Things will never be the same but you live and life goes on day by day.”


Kala Riggins


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